Counter Big Data Paranoia With Little Data Optimism

Posted by Neil Wilson on Oct 30, 2013 11:43:23 AM

big_dataWe covered the idea of "Little Data" in a previous post on this blog, and this week our Director of Corporate Marketing, Kami Haynes, was published on the Direct Marketing News site with an article titled "Counter Big Data Paranoia With Little Data Optimism".

As in the previous post, the Direct Marketing News article outlines the hype around Big Data and then juxtaposes the Big Data approach against a Little Data approach.

At UnboundID, we believe that empowering the consumer is key to differentiation for companies. We believe it's important to give the consumer the ability to do more than just click "accept" to a zillion page privacy policy - consumers need to have a say in what data is collected, how it's used, and who it's shared with. And aside from giving consumers control, companies should be rewarding consumers for sharing their information - with meaningful rewards that go beyond minor discounts or "free gifts".

The benefit to the company is clear, as well. A Compass Intelligence research study outlined these benefits:

  • Deeper, more meaningful customer relationships
  • Higher-value data provided by consumers
  • Consumer appreciation for being given control
  • Positive brand visibility and increased consumer trust

As we stated in the article, "Every company that implements Little Data techniques is taking a step toward empowering their customers, creating those deeper relationships, and building valuable customer loyalty." At UnboundID, we believe that, and we've seen the data to support it.


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