Identity Etiquette: Good for Your Customers and Your Business

Posted by Neil Wilson on Nov 6, 2013 9:22:11 AM

by Katie O'Brien, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Last week, several of the UnboundID staff attended the TM Forum Digital Disruption event in San Jose. With over 1,000 attendees—40% of which represented service providers—we were able to speak with representatives from several global companies that are doing interesting things with data.

UnboundID also presented at the event on the concept of “Identity Etiquette”. Dave Birch, moderator of the event and Global Ambassador at Consult Hyperian, even named it the “phrase of the day.”

etiquetteexcerpt1The premise of Identity Etiquette includes benefits to both businesses and consumers. If businesses give consumers greater transparency, choice and control in the usage of their data, those businesses are empowering consumers as active participants. When we worked with Compass Intelligence on a consumer research study, the results indicated that consumers appreciate businesses that provide Identity Etiquette, and that they think better of those companies that offer them a two-way relationship. This can provide a refreshing shift in communication as consumers transition from being marketed “to” towards marketed “with.”

Businesses that choose to prioritize Identity Etiquette are rewarded with customers that are happier, more engaged, and more loyal. Identity Etiquette also opens the door on new ways to interact with customers—for example, requesting consent to share credit card information with a certain trusted partner to simplify a transaction.

excerpt2To learn more about Identity Etiquette or to read the research on this topic, feel free to visit

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